Soho Square Studio Safety

At Soho Square Studios, the safety and wellbeing of our clients and staff remains our top priority during these extenuating times. Here you will find our COVID-secure policy put in place to ensure our working environments are as clean as possible so that our clients and staff feel protected and safe at all times. If you have any queries, please call us on 020 7494 3000.

Entering Our Studios

  • We ask that contact remains at a minimum at this time.
  • This means asking clients where possible to connect into sessions remotely.
  • Artists are welcome to attend and record at our Studios; if you are recording with more than one artistwe ask that you schedule them spaced 15 mins apart should they be following each other. This allows for further sanitising between each artist.
  • We would also ask artists to arrive only a few minutes before their session commences to avoidcrossover of clients.
  • Please let our Main Reception Hall staff know of your name and they will inform us you are here.
  • We would respectfully ask you to wash your hands in the restrooms to the left of the Main ReceptionHall upon arrival and use the sanitising gel also in Main Reception.
  • Our staff will then come out to greet you and take your temperature before showing you via ourone-way system to your Studio’s booth.
  • Should artist chaperones be required, they m ust be from the same household as the artist. Please letus know if this is a necessity upon booking.


During Your Session

  • We provide disinfected headphones between each use for each artist, however you are also welcome to bring your own should you prefer it.
  • We are confident in being able to provide you with the potential to record up to 3 actors or Voiceover artists on mic at the same time in a fully screened / divided booth.
  • When moving around the building , please ensure you always wear a face mask or covering (shielding your nose and mouth), unless you are otherwise exempt.
  • Hand sanitiser is available throughout the building and we can also provide masks upon arrival.
  • Please know that common parts (including restrooms, handrails, door handles/door plates and otheruniversal touchpoints) are regularly sanitised throughout the day.
  • We kindly ask everyone to keep a sensible (1+ metres) distance from one another.
  • In-house tea, coffee and water will be provided upon request.
  • Unfortunately no take-aways or specialties from outside catering will be available at this time.
  • We ask instead, for clients to please bring their own food and water where possible.


Exiting Our Building

  • Please follow the clear ‘Exit’ signs within our one-way system as you leave your Studio session.


Regular Cleaning

  • Studio staff clean recording equipment, desks, workspace areas and all touchpoints before and after each artist and session using:○ ‘ClinellUniversalSanitisingWipes’(NHS approved, proven to kill 99.999% of disease-causing microorganisms)○ ‘Dettol Surface Cleanser Antibacterial Spray’(proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria)
  • In our audio booths this includes the cleaning of pop filters, light switches, volume controls, headphones, wires and all surfaces that artists would come into contact with.
  • We have our own ‘ Electrostatic Antibacterial Sprayer Fogging Gun’ from EcoStatics Global Ltd, which is used throughout the studios each day.
  • Our cleaners also clean all communal areas twice per day. Air Filtration System
  • Our pre-filters are ‘Merv 7’ and secondary filters are ‘Merv 13’.


Remote Mobile Pro Tools Rig for Voiceovers and ADR

  • Should artists be shielding themselves or not be able to attend at our Studios in person, we have a remote recording service available for hire (incl. full Pro Tools rig) for voice records and ADR.
  • We use our own designated Personal Courier (PC) and single vehicle for each session.
  • The vehicle is fully sanitised before and after each use with 70% ethanol antibacterial spray and wipes.
  • Kit is delivered in flight cases and disinfected prior and post delivery.
  • Equipment is left outside the front door of the artist’s space and our PC will step back to a 2 metredistance whilst waiting for this to be brought inside by the artist.
  • Our PC is technically trained and can therefore help with socially-distanced setup on-site.
  • Our PC wears protective gloves and a mask at all times while delivering, and these are disposed of after each drop-off and collection.
  • ‘Clinell Universal Sanitising Wipes’ are provided within our kit if the artist wishes to disinfect further prior to their record. We also kindly request the artist use these to clean equipment after their recording session, and before returning the kit back to our PC.
  • Upon collection by our PC, we ask the artist to please leave our equipment carrier case outside their front door and step back to a 2 metre distance whilst our PC collects and checks that all equipment is there and ready to collect.


Illness Protocols

Prior to arriving at our Studios:

  • If you have any COVID-19 symptoms, please inform us immediately on 020 7494 3000 and do not attend 33 Soho Square.
  • COVID-19 symptoms:
  • Please also inform members of your Production Team if you’ve not already done so and book in for alocal COVID-19 Test: you feel unwell at any time whilst at our Studios:
  • Please inform our Studio Manager at the earliest possible time and come to take your temperature at Reception.
  • If it is above 38C , please wait outside the building for 10 mins.
  • Then re-test your temperature. If still high, please go home immediately. We will help inform Production for you.
  • If you can, avoid public transport (or putting yourself in contact with anybody). If you do have to take public transport home, please take sensible precautions.
  • Please isolate for 10 days and immediately book in for a local COVID-19 test.


Our Personal Assurance To You

At all times our staff here at Soho Square Studios are fully committed to the wellbeing of us all. With this partnership of safety between our team, our clients and artistes, we are proud to share that our Studio protection protocols mean we are now fully certified as a COVID-secure Studio and we want to assure you that we continue to be ever vigilant, welcoming and look forward to working together in our safe environment.